What We Plan to Achieve in 2019

  • January 17, 2019

since entering the "workforce" in 2012, each year has been more productive than the last.

because we no longer have access to text messages, television shows, or friends who live around the corner, this year we created our most ambitious plans yet.

here are our goals for 2019.


after entering the entrepreneurship world last year with the purchase, and then resale, of an ecommerce store, Hideko is focused on shipping and learning.


with building and launching software becoming increasingly familiar, Ryan set out to do things in new subject areas: physiology, mentorship, and research.

  • complete a manuscript, 75,000 words minimum

  • sponsor marketers who want to learn programming

  • get better at surfing

  • try at least 100 different kinds of cold brew

  • record at least 2 new songs in professional studios

  • see my abs for the first time

  • grow Fomo to $140,000 /month revenue

  • sell at least 1 business or side project


among our sources of income is a portfolio of software companies called Fork Equity. in 2018 we launched Fund I, with which we acquired a few small apps. now we're ready to do it again, bigger.

  • launch 3 new products (Shopify app, marketplace, SaaS tool)

  • write a blog post on Rickshaw for every city we visit (50+)

  • raise Fund II and acquire at least 1 business

Next Steps

in early 2020 we'll recap these goalsĀ -- if we achieved them, how, why not, etc.

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