Rickshaw Report Rubric

  • February 02, 2019

What This Is

part of our analysis at Rickshaw is to "score" each city we visit using 10 different factors.

each category has a 10 point scale and is described below.

soon we'll aggregate final scores (0-100) in the Data portal to illustrate each city in relativity.

Data Points

litmus test: would an American woman from a major city feel comfortable walking alone at night?

limited trash on public streets, generally clean public bathrooms, sanitary restaurants.

taste taste taste

abundance of things to do, visibility of entertainment options, and the likelihood of locals to nurse a beer with you.

work-life enablement
access to high speed internet, cafes with free wifi, and inspiring places from which to work. can include sunlight, air quality, weather.

can you walk to a gym, restaurant, bar, and a grocery store within 10 minutes?

is air conditioning normal or a luxury? are traffic laws obeyed? does the city feel peaceful or hectic?

what percentage of locals speak decent English? does being a foreigner yield stares and discrimination?

how does a middle class lifestyle here compare to one in a similar-sized city in the States?

do the "quirks" about this place impress and fascinate us, or make us grateful to be Americans?

last updated February 10, 2019.